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Anonymous asks: Is the sponosorship info in the faq for reviewing items or affliate codes?

The sponsorship works like affiliates since I send items for review based on the number of sales you make.

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Anonymous asks: U have some really nice stuff in ur shop^^

thank you!! ; v ; I’m so glad you think so!

If you guys have requests for items or suggestions pls let me know bc idk if im putting too much cute clothes or not enough edgy clothes etc~

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Anonymous asks: Hi! I was wondering if your store was looking for more affliates?

Yep, we’re always accepting. Please check out the FAQ for the form and contact information.

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Anonymous asks: what are your favorite places to shop online?


I actually don’t really shop online much ^^ The only place for clothes I really trust is this store tbh because I’ve gotten several clothing pieces from them. I also really like Romwe’s stuff but I haven’t bought from them before. As for korean cosmetics, I’ve placed an order from both koreadepart and beautynetkorea recently. Although I haven’t received my items from there yet, I think both are trustworthy since they have many positive reviews. I might do a review on both of the sites if you guys want ^^ And I also have an online shop here which you can check out~ -wink wink- heheh

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