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I will be on vacation starting from Aug 1st - Aug 5th. The store will still be open but order processing may be slightly delayed. I’ll also try to get back to any store-related questions ASAP.

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Anonymous asks: Hi there~ I'm not sure if you got my message, but I'm very new to the idea of owning online stores, I checked yours out and I really liked it! I was just wondering how you started it all? Or if you have any tips. I honestly don't know where to start ;A; Thank you so much!

Hi there! Yes, I did receive it. I’m sorry for such a late reply~

First off, I’m so happy you like my store ^ u ^ Thank you~ Here are some tips and stuff I learned through the process of opening a store:

  • Sell something unique or something that you think will actually sell and do well. Whether it be bows, clothes, handmade jewelry, etc. Just make sure you sell things somebody would actually want to buy. You can also try asking your friends/family or even ask around on tumblr and get some opinions on stuff people are looking to buy these days.
  • I think the most important key to having a store be successful right at the beginning is to have a social media platform to advertise on. In all honesty, most of my first buyers were all people that heard about my store through my blog or through Tumblr. A social media platform is super useful especially if your store is new because it’s a great way to bring exposure.
  • Since your store is new, you can also host things like small giveaways. You don’t have to do big giveaways and give away $100000 store credit because small giveaways can bring your store a lot of viewers and exposure.

I’m sorry this answer was so late! I hope these tips helped a bit and good luck~

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Anonymous asks: I love the pen I bought, it's so cute! Thank you for writing a little message as well, it was so cute. :)

Thank you, I’m glad you like it! I love writing my customers a note when they buy, it’s so fun heheh I’m currently looking up more stationary paper and deco plastic bags and deco tape online at the moment for my future packages

> w <

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Anonymous asks: Is the sponosorship info in the faq for reviewing items or affliate codes?

The sponsorship works like affiliates since I send items for review based on the number of sales you make.

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Anonymous asks: U have some really nice stuff in ur shop^^

thank you!! ; v ; I’m so glad you think so!

If you guys have requests for items or suggestions pls let me know bc idk if im putting too much cute clothes or not enough edgy clothes etc~

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