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my new phone case c:

Boy Tee from HHOTARU | 10% discount code: Kristie10
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눈물이 와, 서글픈 내 맘을 닮은 눈물이 와
꾹 참았다 쏟아지는 내 맘이 온 하늘에
It’s because I like you, so even though I have a cold expression
That’s not how I feel inside, it’s all lies
October Sheinside review: { x } { x } { x } { x }

Hi guys ^^ I’m back with another Sheinside review! They’ve recently been updating their store with soooo many new products so it was so hard for me to choose this time. If you have time, I highly suggest you check out their store because they have the widest range of clothes with very reasonable prices. :)

Item: { x }

Overall: 9/10I chose this item after seeing Daisy review the exact same top haha ~ It’s a lot thicker than I imagined it to be and it’s very soft and good quality. There were a few loose threads but nothing too major ^^ I think this top is great for summer and I think it’s worth the money compared to other crop tops I’ve seen at the mall. 

Item: { x }
Overall: 10/10I loveeee this blouse ; v ; It looks a lot better than what it looks like in the stock photo tbh. I really like how this blouse comes with two pieces of fabric - one black and one white with polka dots. You can wear either one you prefer as the bow or use them both at the same time~ The blouse features a collar and lace detailing ^^ There wasn’t any loose threads or any rips with this blouse which I’m super thankful for. This is by far my favourite item I’ve received from Sheinside  for this month. 
Item { x }

Overall: 10/10I feel like Sheinside's  best products are always their jackets. I've gotten around 4-5 jackets from Sheinside  before and I’ve never been displeased with any of them so I decided to get one again haha. Like always, this jacket is super good quality. From the outside it doesn’t appear that thick, but as you can see the inside is super thickly lined and very warm. This jacket is definitely worth the money~ It’s also available in many other colours as well. ^^
Item: { x }

Overall: 10/10I was really worried that the colour of this sweater will come out to be a dark pink but it’s actually a very light pink ^^ The sweater itself is very simple without any complicated designs or anything. However, what makes this sweater unique is the collar ~ The collar shows an eye on one side and eyelashes on the other as if it’s winking or smth LOL. It’s really cute and the great thing about it is that it’s detachable so you can always just remove it if you want to wear the sweater by itself. ^^ Thank you for reading my review up to this point~ I hope you guys liked the items I chose for this month and If you have any questions feel free to ask ^^ And of course, thank you so much to Sheinside  for sending me all these items to review! 

Anonymous said: i've seen some people post reviews for your store recently.. do you those things for free or do they have to pay? If it's for free i was wondering if I could do it too? how do you choose the people :o

Well I’m assuming most of the ones you saw were sponsored reviews meaning I sent the items for free in return for a review. You’ll be able to find the section on sponsorships if you check the store FAQ page but I’ll post it here so it’s easier. ^^

- Over 5,000 followers 
- MUST have past sponsorship experience 
- Must be able to take quality pictures. Pictures have to be taken with a camera.

Please fill this in and send it to hhotaru.tumblr@gmail.com if you’re interested.

Full Name: 
Follower Count (Also attach a screenshot of it): 
Country you’re from: 
Why you want to be sponsored:

((I know it says 5,000 but that’s just a general number. Anybody can apply even if you have less than 5k ^^))

I basically accept everybody that applies since I send items based on the number of sales they bring in. I make a discount code for all my sponsors and they bring in sales by promotion posts or store introduction posts.

Here are some examples:
store into post by molangg (kristie)
Promotion Post by chickabiddy (kristine)
Photoset Promo post by doriimer (daisy)

after receiving the products, you just write a review about the products you received. The review should be honest with a few pictures of the product itself. ^^ 

owl bag review by chickabiddy (kristine)

I know it seems like a long and complicated process but it’s actually really easy :) I hope this helps! 


Anonymous said: May I know what your favourite items are from your store? ^.^ I want to buy something but I have trouble choosing

yeah sure :) 

 milk t-shirt

pastel oxfords

cat cosmetic bag

crown wallet

atlas watch

milky iphone case

If you have trouble choosing you can also check out the best sellers page or store reviews page ^^ They might help you decide.