Since everyone has been making beautiful follow lists, I decided to do the same~ Thank you all so much for making my dashboard so lovely throughout this year, filling it all with your pretty posts ;u; I wish you a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year~ Stay safe image

but yeah i suck at these type of things so..

here are just some of my favorite blogs of 2012

if you don’t follow them i will steal all of your christmas presents tonight okay? image

Bolded = Tumblr Crush ~

Italic = People I enjoy talking to and consider a friend ~

Teafy, Pearlsecrets, Pinktokki, Jeremy-oppa, Cinnahearts, Tiramisu-tea, Charismadoll, K3utommy, Over-ture, Bubble-tea, k-styled, Xinzui, Anzure, Hana-ku, keitachii, Kinoku, Usotsukii, Paledskin, Hobakjeon, Lespork, Fantastie, Ha-ku, Lovely-tunes, Luxurydolly, Pokioro, Sweet-korea, Kangyaru, Seoulobsession, Utekii, aetherealis, Cakedesu, Demech, Silentpea, x-iao, caelestial, nanazumi, sekai-ichi, Simpatie, Purinsu, chunggyeok, jumtaeng, cafe-latte, soyleaf, xekai, liriu, doriimer, melancholylove, 1summerday, ouuri, yeoshin-nim,  yummmiiee, kaneto, seoulhero, sutekii-na, mochi-chan, peperro, mykissu, poppiish, hikoushi, amai-tea, iaremonique, peach-milk-tea, puremia, mycuppycake-, chickabiddy

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Photo creds: chickabiddy

Also i want to follow more blogs so if you’re a k-fashion/monochrome/photography blog please like this post ^^

Monday December 24, 2012
1 year ago

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