March Sheinside Review: {x} {x} {x} {x}

 Hi there! Today I will be reviewing items that Sheinside sent me for the month of March! They allowed me to choose four items to review! Now let's get started~

First, I’ll be reviewing the Black Long Sleeve Eyes Print Loose Sweatshirt ~

I chose this item because I’ve seen this design so many times on tumblr. It seems to be really popular currently in k-fashion. This top is also avaliable in white, but I decided to go with the black one.

Details & Photos:

Overall: 10/10
I realllllly like this sweatshirt because the design. It’s also super warm inside which really surprised me. This would be great to have for the colder months~ The quality is really good too - I didn’t find any loose threads. This is probably one of my favourite pieces I’ve received from Sheinside.

Next item: Grey Long Sleeve Loose Knit Cardigan
I was so excited for this cardigan because I really like speckled knits and the stock photo for the item looked really pretty! You can never have too many cardigans LOL.

Details & Photos:

Overall Rate: 10.5/10
This cardigan was exactly how I expected it to be~ The quality is absolutely fantastic and it’s definitely worth the price. It’s also super warm and the fabric is really nice bc it doesn’t irritate your skin. I really like the design and I can’t wait to wear it :D

Next Item: Blue Graidents Lapel Long Sleeve Denim Blouse

I chose this denim blouse bc they’re so popular! Graident is also a big trend now-a-days and it’s so rare to see gradient on a denim blouse. 8D

Details & Photos:

Overall Rating: 8/10
The blouse is really nice itself~ I just wish the transition of the colours would be a bit smoother ^^ However, I really like this blouse and it’ll be a good piece for the spring time. :D

Last Item: Black Boyfriend Pointe Rolled Sleeves Blazer

This blazer is so popular on sheinside and is so pretty. I believe everybody should at least have a blazer of some kind and they always come in handy. :D

Details & Photos:

Overall Rating: 10/10

The quality of this blazer is so AMAZING. At first I was so shocked when I received it bc it looked like a really expensive blazer that would cost at least $60. The lining of the inside is really smooth and silky. :D This blazer would suit anybody in my opinion ^^

Thank you guys as always for taking the time to read my review~ Sorry this post was so long! As always, thank you so much Sheinside for sending me these items to review!

Note: Although this review is sponsored, all my opinions are 100% true.

Wednesday March 19, 2014
6 months ago

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